CAS-UB(Cloud Authoring Service for Universal Book)
Terms of Use Agreement

This Terms of Use Agreement (the "Agreement") describes your rights and responsibilities and states the terms and conditions under which you may use this Cloud Authoring Service for Universal Book: CAS-UB and its related services (hereinafter called "the Service"). Please read this document carefully. If you do not accept the terms and conditions stated here, Antenna House will not allow you to use the Service.

1. Scope of Use

1. Various terms, service specifications, manuals, and so on (hereinafter referred to as "Regulations") Antenna House provides via the Internet, and (hereinafter called "Web site") or via other methods takes effect together with the Agreement. The Agreement and Regulations shall collectively mean "Terms of Service".

2. Antenna House provides the Service for members defined in article 2 based on the Terms of Service.

3. The Terms of Service define the membership service fee and period of use of the Service.

2. Effective Terms

1. Members indicate the users who are to be registered for the Service according to the Terms of Service. Once they set up the user name / password, the registration will be pending for approval.

2. Antenna House may refuse registration in cases where the member's registration has been removed due to the violation of the Term of Service in the past.

3. Antenna House may refuse the renewal of a use period if the member is not allowed to use the Service.

4. Members may use the Service within the effective period using its functionality according to the provisions of the Terms of Service.

5. The initial Term of the Agreement will start when the user becomes a member as described in Paragraph 1, and will end when the Agreement between a member and Antenna House terminates or is canceled as described in Article 9.

3. Terms of Service Changes

1. Antenna House may change the Terms of Service with reasonable discretion without obtaining a member's permission.

2. If any changes are made to the Terms of Service, members will be notified according to the methods described in Article 4.

4. Notifications from Antenna House

1. In principle, members shall receive notifications from Antenna House via e-mail, the website or other rational methods.

2. When a notification is received by e-mail, it is considered as having been sent on the day the e-mail was sent out.

3. When a notification is made on the website, it is considered as having been sent 3 days after it is posted.

5. Members' Obligations

1. Members shall be required to prepare for the user-side facilities such as communications equipment, software and public circuit at their own expense and responsibility. Members shall maintain their facilities at their own expense.

2. During the period of this Agreement, members should maintain the e-mail registered to receive information from Antenna House. If the e-mail addresses change, members should immediately register new e-mail addresses to the Service.

6. Personal Information Protection

1. Personal information registered in the Service shall be protected by applying the laws, regulations, and "The Policy of Personal Information Protection" posted at .

2. If Antenna House changes "The Policy of Personal Information Protection", regardless of the laws, Antenna House will notify members in the manner as described in Article 4.

7. User's Copyrighted Materials

1. Dedicated data storage spaces are assigned to members according to the Terms of Service. Members may accumulate data such as images and text written by them to the data storage space. This stored electronic data is referred to as user's copyrighted materials.

2. Users shall handle and are responsible for the deletion, backup, maintenance, and management of their copyrighted materials. Antenna House shall provide the Service and fulfill our obligations as a good administrator so that there will be no damages, information lost, deterioration, or computer virus infections (henceforth "damages, etc."). However, this does not guarantee the perfect prevention of damages, etc.

3. Antenna House will not refer to or disclose any user's copyrighted materials to third parties. However, this does not apply to the following cases:
(1) When members agree to allow Antenna House to refer to or disclose their publications to third parties. When members specify to share their publications to the user ID using the publication-share functionality provided by the Service, it is regarded as members permitting Antenna House to refer to those publications.
(2) When it is considered necessary to protect the important profit such as life, health, or properties of third parties.
(3) When the disclosure is required by law.
(4) When the user's copyrighted material saved in the Service may be relevant to or conflicts with the prohibited actions defined in Article 11.
(5) When it is necessary to use the user's copyrighted materials for maintaining and improving the Service.
(6) When acquiring various kinds of information on user's copyrighted materials without specifying the individuals for the improvement of the Service statistically.

8. Management of User Name and Password

1. Members are authenticated by the user name and the password with the Service.

2. The user name may be inspected by a third party other than the relevant user.

3. Members are responsible for securely managing their password and storing it in a safe place. If the password is leaked out and used by a third party, or is at risk of being used, the member can set up a new password by following the instructions on the Antenna House website.

4. Members themselves shall undertake the disadvantage which arises when members forget their user name and/or password and did not perform the procedure described in the previous paragraph; Antenna House does not take the responsibility.

9. Termination/Cancellation of the Agreement

1. The Agreement terminates when the member's use period expire, as defined in the Terms of Service.

2. Members shall have the right to terminate this Agreement at any time by following the instructions defined on the Website.

3. If members do not agree with the changes to the Terms of Service notified by Antenna House, they may cancel the Agreement and terminate the use of the Service. As long as there are no requests to cancel the Agreement, the Service shall continue and be provided to members.

4. Antenna House shall have the right to cancel the Agreement when members violate the prohibited matter as defined in Article 11.

5. When the Agreement terminates, or is cancelled by members or Antenna House, the Service for those members will be cancelled and all their copyrighted materials stored in the Service will be deleted.

10. Interruption/Termination of the Service

1. Antenna House will strive to maintain the offering of the Service by fulfilling our obligations as a good administrator, however, when the issues applicable to the following occur, the Service may be interrupted or terminate temporarily. Antenna House shall notify members if we intend to terminate the Service by the methods defined in Article 4 prior to the termination.
(1) When Antenna House performs maintenance on the hardware, the disruption is unavoidable.
(2) When an unavoidable error occurs in Antenna House's hardware.
When the Service becomes impossible to use due to the natural disaster, or other emergency situations.
(4) When the number of users using the Service is too small for Antenna House to justify continuing the Service.
(5) When Antenna House recognizes the necessity of the termination for managing the Service or for technical reasons.

2. Once the Service terminates, Antenna House shall inform members by the methods defined in Article 4 and shall delete all the user's copyrighted materials stored in the Service.

11. Prohibition

Antenna House prohibits the following actions when using the Service:
(1) An act to establish or solicit an endless chain investment scheme, an act connected to a crime, such as fraud, an act which promotes a crime, an act which violates the Public Office Election Law, or other illegal acts which break a good public order and customs (prostitution, violence, or cruelty, etc.).
(2) An act to infringe a third party's intellectual property rights, such as copyright or trademark, or trade secrets, an act to infringe on the property rights of another company, an act to damage the others' honor and trust or infringes privacy, an act that inflicts material or non-material disadvantages, damage, etc.
(3) An act to disrupt or interfere with the operation of the Service and defame Antenna House's honor or credit.
(4) An act to send e-mail solicitation, advertisement, etc. without permission of other members, third parties or Antenna House, or obstructing the mail received for others, sending abusive or hateful e-mails, spam, or chain mail to recipients, and an act to transfer upon receiving such request.
(5)An act to use or provide harmful programs such as computer virus, an act to attempt unauthorized access to other computer systems that are connected to the service or network.
(6) Identity theft act, using another member's, or a third party's, user name and password to access the Service.
(7) An act that Antenna House identifies as similar to the acts listed above.

12. Violation of Terms of Service

1. Antenna House has the right to take the following measures when members violate the Terms of Service, or when Antenna House receives claims from third parties and Antenna House admits it necessary.
(1) Request members to stop violations.
(2) Request members to have deliberations for dissolution of a claim etc. among third parties.
(3) Suspend the use of the Service, or remove user registration information.
(4) Claim for any damages made to Antenna House.
(5) Take measures that Antenna House recognizes as appropriate.

Regulations defined in the previous paragraph do not mean that it is Antenna House's duty to supervise members' actions, or the duty to take measures stated in the previous paragraph. Antenna House shall not be responsible for damages faced by members or third parties if the damage was a result of Antenna House failing to take measures defined in the previous paragraph.

13. Disclaimer

1. Antenna House shall make reasonable efforts to provide various services to facilitate a stable system. If any issues in the Service were to occur, Antenna House shall make every effort to recover the Service within a reasonable time. However, we cannot guarantee the stability of the system and management of the Service.

2. Antenna House shall take no responsibility regarding damages that occur when using the Service if the following occur:
*When members violate the Terms of Service.
*During the termination process, interruption of the Service occurs as defined in Article 10.
*In the case of force majeure.

3. Antenna House shall take no responsibility regarding damages that occur when using the Service if the following occur (excluding cases with serious negligence or the damage was intended):
*When a member's personal information is revealed to a third party.
*When a user's preserved material is spilt or disappears.
*When other related cases occurs.

4. Each member shall resolve any dispute between other members of this Service, or third parties, at their own expense and responsibility.

14. Jurisdiction

Members and Antenna House agree that if any dispute should arise in relation to this Agreement, the Tokyo District Court or Tokyo Summary Court has competent jurisdiction for the first instance depending on the amount claimed.

15. Enforcing Date

The Agreement will be effective from October 1st, 2012.

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